Before the Leap: What is Osteopathy Training is Like in the UK?

Since there has been a stark rise in the interest of Osteopathy in the UK, it only follows that there is also a spike in people who want to pursue that as a profession. For those who walk the path of an Osteopath, the journey can be quite clear. This is what we will be looking into with today’s discussion.

An osteopath is a person that legitimately practices osteopathy. Not just everyone would be able to join this profession even if they wanted to. It takes several years of education and even then there are additional training courses. Let’s dissect what osteopathy requirements and training would be like if you wanted to practice it in the UK.

The field of osteopathy can be quite competitive so it would be important to be aware of what you will need to do if you want to be an osteopath. Like:


Like everything that has to do with a professional career, it start with what you study. Anyone that is trying to become an osteopath should be trying to obtain a degree in clinical sciences. Ideally, you should get a degree which majors in the osteopathic field.

Degrees can take around three to four years.


If you have managed to obtain a diploma, you will need to be suitably trained. We must emphasize that any training that you sign up for should be recognized by the Council that governs Osteopathy. The actual training takes about 4 years of hands-on experience. So not only are you given the theory but trainees are given full hands-on experience.

There are options for trainees to pursue part-time training.


After you have received your training, it would be important for anyone aiming to practice in the UK to be registered with the GOsC or the General Osteopathic Council. Anyone that isn’t registered but practices shall be subject to strict criminal laws.

To Conclude

We highly commend anyone that is aiming to become an Osteopath. You’ve chosen a calling that will undoubtedly help millions in their search and pursuit of alternative treatment that will give them the relief they want. If you’re still uncertain if this is the path that is right for you, we hope that you think about it long and hard. Review the information that we’ve shared above and determine if this is something that you would like to do.

Would you consider becoming an Osteopath in the UK?

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