Other Places, Too: Osteopathy Booms in Wales

No longer restricted to the more ‘modern’ or traditional forms of medicine more and more people are becoming aware of alternative methods of treatment. One of those treatments happens to be Osteopathy. Last time, we discussed how this branch of medicine and treatment had gained a massive following in the UK.

Today, we wanted to talk about a specific area: Wales. As you may know, Wales and its climate tend to vary where you’re staying. If you’re like most people in the area, you will probably be staying by the coastal areas. While one would think that this would mean warmer climates, you’d be wrong. Wales is famous for the chilly and windy climate. That being said, it can be a little difficult for the elderly set of individuals who tend to suffer from chronic or joint pain.

1 - Other Places, Too: Osteopathy Booms in Wales

Wales and Osteopathy

Osteopathy has gained a lot of traction in Wales—especially with the elderly population—because of the many benefits it provides for those that experience joint swelling or muscle stiffness. It isn’t just the elderly that benefits from osteopathy.

Those that suffer from chronic fatigue and asthma have also reported benefitting from osteopathy treatments. Such treatments have also been known to help young children and expectant mothers. Since osteopathy involves the physical manipulation of joints, muscles, and even the spine, the effects have been known to be holistic and long-lasting.

To Conclude

Osteopathy will only continue to gain a gathering of supporters in Wales. It’s already pretty popular in other parts of the UK so if you’re thinking of finding a place where you can find such services, you can always go find an online directory. We’re not at all surprised that Wales is embracing osteopathy really well. We continue to hope that with every discussion, more and more individuals will realize that there is much to be gained from holistic treatment.

Why do you think osteopathy is booming in Wales?

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