Carry Yourself Well: Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

Any physical therapist will tell you that a lot of the time it is posture that is the main cause of certain chronic pains—especially for the shoulders, lower back, and the spine. So it is important that you take charge of your posture. This is what will be at the heart of today’s discussion.

Before we start, we wanted to give great big thanks to your continued support throughout the many months since we started this website. We are humbled and empowered by the many outpourings of joy and continuous stream of curious questions about osteopathy in general. So let’s get started with today’s discussion!

Bad Posture

Posture was more than just something that was good for one’s health. It also used to be a standard and quality of breeding that was expected of well-bred individuals and families. In the modern world, posture seemed to be something that was optional as more and more people kept to their homes and were constant in front of a screen.

Through the years, this led to entire generations of people suffering from chronic pain simply because of decades of bad posture. In order to help you guys combat this, we wanted to share some tips about how you may improve your posture.

No More Slouching

41 - Carry Yourself Well: Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

This is one of the more common manifestations of poor posture. As more and more people are in informal settings, slouching has become the norm. To fight slouching, we suggest obtaining a good chair with good back support. When that’s done, make a conscious effort to square your shoulders and keep your back firmly against the seat’s back support.

Train Your Muscles

42 - Carry Yourself Well: Simple Ways to Improve Your Posture

It is all about consistency. If you think back to Anne Hathaway’s movie Princess Diaries, there is an instance where she is practically tied to a chair using a Hermes scarf. Her grandmother tells her that this is to simply train her muscles and eventually she will be able to sit properly with good posture. The same still remains true—scarf optional.

To Conclude

When it comes to the way you carry yourself, simple exercises or even habits can save you a world of pain later on in your life. In our quest to find out more about improving our posture, we had to come to terms with the fact that we’ve had some pretty bad habits formed through the years. We only hope that today’s discussion will help prompt our readers to take charge and actively choose to change their postures.

Which simple way to improve your posture are you going to be trying out?

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