featured10 - Let’s Talk Ills: Four Pains That Osteopathy Can Help You With

Let’s Talk Ills: Four Pains That Osteopathy Can Help You With

Living with pain is no longer something that you or anyone else has to do. When it comes to dealing will certain issues, osteopathy can be your way out—you simply do not know it yet. We’ve mentioned time and time again that osteopathy is one of the more leading alternative forms of treatment that we’ve got.

Gone are the days where acupuncture ruled the field of alternative medicine. Osteopathic treatment can help with several things. For example:

Hip Pain

This is one for the elders and anyone who has slipped and fallen quite seriously. Hip pain is often the leading cause of discomfort for adults starting from the late 30s. While the normal state of things that to simply either ignore the pain or take pain medication, osteopathy has offered a different option.


Another one that hits the elderly, arthritis can make life pretty unbearable—especially when you have to work with your hands. No matter what age you are at, you will always need to use your hands. Arthritis robs people of the full and proper utilization of their hands because the joints swell up.

Growing Pains

A lot of people do not realize that children between the ages of 4-14 continuously experience growing pains. These are characterized by sharp and sometimes continuously dull pain down the legs. The pain comes and goes and usually affects children after they have gone to sleep. The muscles are stretching because the bones are growing. This can be quite painful and difficult to deal with for both children and parents.

Osteopathy helps to relieve any pressure in the legs and loosens up the joints to promote better blood flow—lessening the likelihood of pain.


Those who have ever sprained a wrist or ankle will know that the sprain, while gone, will continue to affect the person’s body—especially during the cold seasons. Osteopathy can help by prompting the body to acclimatize better to the odd position that the sprain has put the joint in. Continuous treatment can help the body fight back that weird pain and promote complete recovery without the pain coming back.

To Conclude

Osteopathy is a branch of medicine that will have its fair share of detractors. This has always been the case when something entirely new and breaks away from traditional medicine and norms. While osteopathy is booming in its popularity, we hope that this does not mean that you may simply undergo osteopathy without suitable research. We hope that we’ve taught you better than that.

What particular pains are looking forward to beating with the help of osteopathy?

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Infographic by: osteopathy.org.au